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Welcome to the Peace Corps/Macedonia.

Since 1996, over 200 Peace Corps Volunteers have worked alongside their counterparts in Macedonia. Now, we'd like to invite you to get involved. Read More »


Welcome prospective Volunteers! 

This website offers a glimpse of our work at post.  If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer, please visit this link http://www.peacecorps.gov/volunteer/learn/meet/offices/  to contact your Regional Recruiting Office who can tell you more about serving in Macedonia and how to apply.  Thanks for considering Peace Corps!



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  • Capital City – Skopje
  • Largest City – Skopje
  • Official Language(s) – Macedonian
  • Area (KM2) – 25,713 km2
  • Population – 2 million
  • GDP (2006 est.) – US$ 6.215 billion (Per capita - $3.042)
  • Currency – Macedonian Denar

The universe of potential for misunderstanding is almost as vast as the universe itself. Mark MAK 11